So what does it take to improve from where you are? I think I can sum it up best by saying that it takes a change in patters. I can note the times I have improved in the sport have been after I have changed poor patterns of training behavior. Soe might argue that you have to stick to what works but you have to find what works to have something to stick to.

For 2007:

I wanted to improve in short course racing this year and I have.

I wanted to PR at a 5K and I have

I wanted to improve my cycling speed and I have

Now these things did not come from doing what I did last year or the year before. I realized that I needed to change what I was doing and I went ahead and had new workouts designed by a new tri guide in my life.

I also lost 3-4 pounds and have consistently kept it off. This has been an issue and I have a few more to go before I get to where I feel would keep me consistently on top of the podium. I always think 5 pounds is 20 seconds faster per mile I will run! The last 5 pounds are the toughest!

I also found when I race I need to be a bit more peaceful within myself. In my last race I had to dig hard and it felt as if I had a whole stadium of thoughts and cheers in my head. Externally people were yelling for me, my heart was pumping so hard and my breathing was out of control. I know I could do better with a more relaxed easy speed approach. I want to go into silent soldier mode in the next race. I want to work on making everything quiet but without losing intensity. This will take a change of patterns and as with any change it will have to be worked on in training first. Wednesdays run will help me that !!!

The issue really is that I tried new things and put my trust in them. So far it has worked

I have had some athletes in the past that hire me becuase they want to get better but they aren’t willing to let go of old habits. This is undestandable as it is comfortable to them to let’s say do two group rides per week. But, if they wanted to really get faster they could do structured intervals meant specifically for there bike weakness. But alas, they choose not to. CHANGE requires patience and perserverence but it also requires letting go of what feels comfortable.

One of our sayings is, “You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

So as we sit here mid tri season ti is time to establish some more goals and this will take some time. Thansk for reading and I hope you come back for more.

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