Pt. 2 on How and why people choose a coach.

well let’s say not an athlete for now but I really wanted to get into golf. I would ask around about local golf pros and I would search the internet for information about golf pros. I would find the most educated, exerpienced golf pro I could and get some references as well. I would want my golf pro to be doing his teaching full time and not as a side job or hobby to his real job. I would also want to make sure he has plenty of success stories I could call on.

Now here’s the thing with tri coaching most people don’t know. In a way it is kind of like personal training. I tread lightly here as the two are not very similar at all but in this way you can draw a parallel. For the most part if you take an average or below average athlete and give them enough training they are going to get better just by the mere fact they are on some type of plan. So of course if a person who calls themself a coach and has some understanding of planning workouts and also has some exerpience as a triathlete gives a out plan then there athelte will improve. BUT, there is a lot more to successful tri coaching then meets the eye or by just throwing workouts to the athlete. What can a quailified and competent tri coach do:

  • Create an individual periodized training program to peak the athlete for a certain race
  • Use the latest in endurance sport research to help the athlete acheive there goals
  • Create the training plan with the athletes strengths, weakness’s and life schedules in mind
  • Train the athletes mind as well as body
  • Coach the athlete in the subjects or flexibility, sport specific strength training, effective and safe supplementation, equipment selection
  • Listen to the athlete and be willing to change the plan and the overall approach
  • Support the athlete in there life not just in there sport
  • Care- the coach must care about the sport, the athlete and the process of working with the athlete
  • When a coach takes all these things into mind and inputs them into the athletes plan the results will be a successful and happy individual

He’s a Great Athlete He Must be a Great Coach

That age old question comes back. Does a good athlete make a good coach? Rarely in my book. I appreciate an athlete who wins and is very fast but that doesn’t mean that they know how to coach or plan a schedule. What works for them most likely will not work for the athlete. It is just too easy sometimes take peoples money if you are a really good athlete and have people requesting coaching.

TRUE CASE: I know of a very good athlete who also coaches. His athlete stated that he would get his training schedule with unrealistic hours of training planned on the days he works. Why would a coach do this? The reason is that the coach felt that the athlete needed to do this amount of training to succeed. Well, in my opinion that is in effective coaching. If your athlete does not have the time to train the hours you recommend then don’t him. This is would not happen with us as we ask each individual athlete how many hours they can train on a specific day. Then we build the plan into there schedules not the other way around.

The Russian Method

This is what Erinne and I call a coach who throws arbitrary and obscene amounts of intensity and volume at the athletes. If the athlete gets injured, oh well, but if they win then fantastic for the coach. We are not big on throwing random workouts at athletes but rather there is a reason for EACH workout prescribed. It is the Law of Specificity

Pt. 3 coming soon

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