Reflection of a year past

So Erinne, Kaia Blu and I left for a long awaited 2 and a half week vacation last Wednesday. We had been planning this for many months as it was a wonderful but busy year for us. The baby came and that is a whole new ball of wax plus our business continued to see great growth. I also travelled a lot, more then I or Erinne wanted. So as I sit here in the mountains with fantastic panoramic views it gives me one of those ‘let’s reflect on the year past’ moments. The awesome joy of fatherhood and the fun of haivng a baby aside our company is doing great. Sspecifically we have and had great athletes in 2006. Fun, serious and well placing peope that we all really enjoyed coaching. I like to learn about our athletes, there business’, there families and what makes them tick. If I can get inside of them just a bit it cen help me motivate them to new levels.
So with looking back I can’t help to look forward. A HUGE new project is in store for us in 07 and soem other changes but with the family on super cruice control now we can only hope for great results to come. Happy holidays all.

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