She Athlete

OK above is a picture of the new P4.

Now this is the season fo the She Athlete. For some reason I have some girls that are really tough. I am impressed with the motivation and drive of these women. It is also great to see them hammer out the relentless training I dole out for them. I really do hit them hard, lots of intervals, big volume and they eat it up and come back for more. Jackie was one slot away from qualifying for Kona at IML-just 3:00 away UGH! But she did take Silver at Long Course World Champs last year. Nicole came to me with no bike fitness, injured but driven. We ramped her up, turned those skinny legs into riding legs and she went on to go uninjured and take 9th overall at Long Course World Champs and 2nd in her AG. Another Silver!!! Now what about our local hereo, the Belgian Bomb Des! She goes and takes 10th overall at Duke Half Iron! wait until she can swim!! Who can forget about Cali Girl, Simone- first six months int he sport and she has not placed lower then 3rd in her Age Group in those ultra competitive SoCal races. Simone is THE one to watch if she wants she can go all the way to Kona in a few years! The She Athletes, rocking and getting fery fast! Love it!

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