Swissland Day 1,2

well i got here yesterday about 27 hours ago. the flights were uneventful, boring and long. i now can say i went to italy after spending 2 hours in rome airport.
the last day here has been great. my friends AJ and Lisbeth and there baby girl Astrid are putting me up and the views of the Alps out of there flat is just breathtaking. the Alps shoot up higher and higher each time i look at them. sticking with my belief of not training too hard the day of or after a long trip i have put in 7 hours of training in the first 24 hours. all relatively easy but there is no real easy training here as the mountains make sure to hurt you. yesterday was a 1:20 ez ride and a 31:00 ez run. this was truly ez. but today was a 3K swim in the AM. nice to see Aj and Lisebth swimming well and multiple IM champ Belinda Granger hammering away. she and her husband Justin are real nice and super funny. after the swim i slept for 2:459 (needed it huh?) then an epic sessions with AJ. we did the LOOP here which is 75K over 3 mountains. fricking hard ass riding and i was trying to keep it easy but there is no easy. i was trying really and jsut holding 210-250 watts on the climbs at 110-120 HR. it took me almost 4 hours to go 75K and the ride had rain, wind and descents that you could easily go 30-60 MPH if yo uwant. i descend like a pile of poo so i chose the to go 30 MPH. must work on descending but for a beach boy what can i expect. then i did a short brick run through a lush forest. picturesque and postcard like! then back on the bikes for a 20:00 cooldown up the mountain home. so now i am just trying to relax as it was an EPIC ride. i will post pictures later.
coffe today- Double Nestle Espresso- Perfect

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