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Jesse King is the newest member of BodyZen’s Team Transform. He’s agreed to let you into his life so you can see what Zenner training does to his body and performance. Under the close guidance of Elite Coach Lee Zohlman Jesse is going to tackle triathlons, cycling races and running races in 2015 and we’ll give you a sneak peak into his grueling training, nutrition plan and of course the pictures of his body transformation.
Here’s what Jesse has to say about being on Team Transform and his starting picture. Follow his progress this season by logging in here.
This is my season to compete. A little more than 2 years ago I was very overweight, sluggish and had no motivation to do anything active. We decided to make some changes. In 2014 I started running some 5ks, a couple 10ks and eventually my first Sprint Triathlon. Having loved the sport I decided that I wanted more. I knew that 2014 was my year to get my toes wet, but I wanted to compete in 2015. I knew that without some guidance from someone who had come before me, this would not be impossible, but difficult. I started this year at the lightest weight I have ever seen as an adult. This is mind blowing to me, because living so long as a big guy, that is exactly how you see yourself, even through the weight loss. This season, in order to be competitive, I will get down to an even lower weight, which is mind blowing to me. To see myself almost half the person I was will be incredible. This is really why I chose to join Team Transform. Because I know that if I am going to transform myself, achieve my goals, and stay focused doing so I will need the help of a coach.
I am very excited about the year upcoming. Training so far has been great. It is really nice to know exactly what to do, how to do, no questions about anything. It will make everything easier going forward once the training gets hard.

-Jesse King

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