The Meek and the Mighty

Future Olympian Kaia Blu

Just a short little post about an easy trot I had recently. I went out and watched one of the premier kids triathlons in the US, the Meek and Mighty Triathlon. I’ll get it out there first, my little girl will do this next year for sure. She will be just turning seven and has been training hard for it for six years. Talk about committment.
While watching the kids race a phrase came into my head, pure sport. The kids were fully decked out in custom kits and race apparel. They were sporting full on road bikes with carbon rims and all the bike candy the grown ups race with. But the very best and endearing part of watching the race was hearing the kids motivate each other. There was more talk between the kids than in adult races and it was great to hear them saying, “Careful, on your left.” or “Good job” or “Keep it up.” The kids were pumping each other up on the course and it was just so great to see that type of healthy camaraderie. But the best part was seeing a girl about eight years old in her swimwuit riding a sweet Fuji road bike drafting right behind one of the boy racers. She was executing a perfect draft and had that steely eyed animalistic look on her young face. Priceless. #puresport

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