Top Five No BS Rules by USA Triathlon Elite Level 3 Coach Lee Zohlman


So you want to be faster, finish an Ironman or just plain be a better athlete? In a long and storied life as an athlete, coach, advisor and tester here are my top five NO BULLSHIT rules to better performance.

5. Seek intelligent advice. If your coach or advisor is not talking about you the majority of the time than go somewhere else.

4. Ask questions and apply the answers. If you’re not asking questions than you’re not learning and if you’re not learning than you will not remain injury free, be consistent, understand the important details to improve your fitness and perform at your best.

3. Check your ego at the door. Ego has it’s place in training and racing but it’s up to you to channel it and apply it at the right times. If the Olympians have coaches and listen to them than you should was well.

2. Endurance sports are all about the carbs not the protein or fat. Don’t believe the hype. Leave the paleo for the gorillas in the box. Carb up. Choose the right carbs for before, during and after training. What, you don’t know what they are? ASK? See number 4. There’s a comment box here just for that reason.

  1. The numbers don’t lie. Understand your numbers in each discipline. If you can’t swim 10x100M on 1:20 but can run 10K in 35 minutes you still place yourself in the middle of swim corral. If your threshold power is 250W and you start your Ironman bike at 225W you’re doing the wrong thing. Understand your numbers and it’s all about the numbers!

BONUS- Get disciplined. Start with small improvements in your discipline and build on it each week. Success breeds more success! The sport isn’t easy or for the weak. Remember, if it were easy it’d be called golf.


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