Top Ten Pieces of Triathlon Racing Gear

Top Ten Pieces of Triathlon Racing Gear
By USA Triathlon Elite Level 3 Coach Lee Zohlman
One of the best things about triathlon is the cool gear that has been developed for our sport. Until just a few years ago we were relegated to using equipment made for the single sport athletes. Now we have numerous companies making such simple things as backpacks strictly for Triathletes. So I searched through my race closet to look at all my race gear and came up with ten pieces of gear which are essential for Triathletes. Some of this gear is for very practical reasons, such as to make you faster. Other items are just for the cool factor.
So here they are:
1. Extra shoe laces- race belts are cool but can be tight and awkward. Try going the ultra Pro way and run your race number through two shoe laces and tie them together to hop in when you transition. Light and effective.
2. Headlamp- Like the campers where for those dark morning preparations.
3. Light wind breaker jacket- To keep the muscles warm before and after you warm up. You do warm up don’t you?
4. Black Electrical Tape- Great to tape holes in anything or frayed brake cables. Even better to make your race number lay flat on your bike.
5. Pocket knife- How many times do you say to yourself, ‘If only I had a little knife?’ Get one, now!
6. Extra Goggles- Race enough and you’re bound to have a pair snap on you before the race.
7. Tri Backpack- With all the cool compartments, latches, mesh and logos who wouldn’t want one of these.
8. Extra CO2 cartridge and Inflator- For the races where you forget your pump by the backdoor.
9. Body Glide- not just used for wetsuit races. You can use this for those unseen places you chafe. You know what I mean.
10. Quick elastic laces- NO self respecting triathlete ties shoes in transition.
Happy and fast racing. Live a BZ Life.

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