Travel, TriFest, triathlon successes and meltdowns but it’s all good!

Well I have been in three different cities in the las three weeks. We started with our Annual Clermont training camp which was a blast with eight fantastic athletes. I wrote about this in a previous post I just remebered. Four days later I was at the Inaugural TriFest in Tucson with TriSports which will be a huge event in years to come. This years event was a great series of training sessions, lectures and manufacturer displays. I gave two seminars which I hear were recieved quite well and enjoyed some tough training like the climb up Mt. Lemmon and the killer short but steep climb up Gates Pass. I did the river run for over an hour which was just lovely. I got a chance to hang with some great people from Rotor Bike, QR and TriSports.
Aftere Tucson Erinne, Kaia Blu and I went to Vero Beach for a few days of R and R but I had to do one of my favorite races. Floridas Great Escape. I love the course and the RD puts on a perfectevent. in Lake Louisa and it was a good race but freezing cold so my legs didnt wake up till the run. I swam :20 faster then last year but bike 1:30 slower and ran over :30 faster so a wash but a fun race none the less and I highly recommend it.
I came home and had a good few days of work.
I tapered down for about 3 days for this new MIT Triathlon that was here in Miami. It was a first time race by first time race director so I new it was going to be a crapshoot but they sure tries to get all the ducks in a row and make a polished event. I felt great going to the race with Erinne racing the Sprint and me the OD. Our friend Matty Reed was racing the Pro event. The swim started really early and it was still almost dark so I had probably the best swim start of my life. Nice and clean with two great fly strokes to kick it off. I ended up swimming hard right next to two of my fave athletes I coach, Jeremy and Gustavo. They rocked and oushed me hard so we came out all together in 15:00, OK issue 1 was the swim was 300-400 meters short but OK I mounted my new Lucero Lite (great bike and it rocks), I went out and had tight legs as usual. After about 4 miles i looked down and had no fluids. I had a cocktail of electrolytes and calories I need and it was gone. UGHHHHHHH. I got to the first aid station and missed the fluids. I stayed postive and kept going and stayed at 240 or so watts and 23 MPH so I ned i had to get fluids on the 2nd loop, which I did but it was only water and I needed my cocktial. I still stayed positive. I looked down at my SRM as the bike finished and it said 42.2K so the bike was long and swim short- a wash but how hard it is it to get distances correct with GPS and Google Earth. Off on the trot I went leaving the issues behind and feeling happy to run. Pretty trail, lots of roots and I saw a guy wipe out bad running. OUCH. i got in some fluids and energy drink on the first loop but the second they ran out of energy drink and cups. OOOOFFFAAHHHH I hurt bad the last 1.5 miles and it showed. Mnay friends passed me but TO ALL THOSE THAT YELLED FORME. THANKS- YOU ROCK AND I HEARD YOU BUT WAS IN A WORLD OF HURT!! I will say hi next time but thought I was going to end up in the Med tent. The last mile brutally sucked with no fluids and my ITB flaring up. So I finished and will get them better next time. Just another race. Erinne did well and is happy to be getting fit again. MATTY WON THE WHOLE THING. Very happy for him and we went to KFC to celebrate.
Now we are home for a while beofre going out to IMAZ and then to our NC Camp. Are you coming?
Coffe today: Murrays Market Mocha Java

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