Updated info for May 2007

Well I guess the big news is that Kaia Blu is turning one tomorrow. When you say a year flies by it really does and it’s been a challenging but so rewarding and happy year. My father was right when he said you just won’t know what it feels like till you have one. Many of our friends gave birth recently and I hope they get the same joy from this parenting hting we have. Baby Blu is giggling like crazy, walking a bit and generally fun to have around. Like a glorified pet. See the picture of my canoe trip with her- to your right.
When I think back to last year I think, am I in a better place now then where I was. I generally guess I am happy with where we are and looking forward to times ahead. I was telling Erinne the other day that life is great now. We’re not uber rich but we’re also not about that. Our business is doing well, we love and I mean love this kid to death, we travel a bit, have good family times and try to enjoy TIME. I mean when we’re in a good moment in time we try to embrace it and tresuare it. I know some really unhappy mean people and it must really suck to be them. I’m really grateful not to be in that category. It is great to put on a pair of bib shorts to go to work some days and welll the others, I put on a swim suit! hahahahahahaha
I will have some new news on our Brand New Project in the next week or two so you’ll have to wait a little while longer.
My training is going up and down and I’m doing the best I can. I had a fun time riding with my friends Lotte, Eddie and Travis on Saturday in Palm Bay, Florida. The group ride up there is 48 miles of road racing hell but fun fun!!! This girl Lotte is truly unreal on the bike and her lesser half Eddie is so fit right now so watch out Florida tri heads. I held my own and what I really like is downloading the power file and analyzing it after. I have done the ride 3 times in the last 8 weeks and they are all pretty similar, obviously. But , I am getting fitter so hopefully I can hold my own this year!
This weekend I am off to give two presentations to new coaches at the USAT clinic in Clermont. I am speaking on Running Economy Training and Periodization. The USAT Coaching clinics have come a long way since I attended the first one in 1997. They are very good right now and cover the bases you need to cover with new coaches. I just don’t know if we need more coaches but hell what do I know!
This morning was Costa Rican Blend. Smooth and bold!

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