Weekend Race Wrap Up

From: USA Triathlon Elite Level 3 Coach Lee Zohlman, Founder of BodyZen, Premium Multisport Coaching


Zenner Juan C. shows what going Full Gas looks like through the finish line.

I’m really proud this morning of all of the Zenners who raced over the weekend. I’m not just proud of their times, sure PR’s are great, but all four of them pushed through challenging mental boundaries. For some reason over the last month I’ve consulted my athletes more on their mental approach than just the physical. We discussed KEY mental strategies to apply to their training so come race time they had a tried and true approach to deal with mental struggles. Whether they knew it or not (they will now) in each training session, phone call, text or consult I was planting seeds which would then grow and flourish during their upcoming races. Well the flowers grew, bloomed and were vibrant at the races this past weekend leading to fast times and most importantly, happy athletes. The Zenners continue to shine!

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