What you’ll get!




I saw some other training camps touting everything the campers were going to get at their camp. It read like a shopping mall: food, laces, swim caps, supplements, gear, drinks, powders, potions, pills and all sorts of junk all to entice the athlete to sign up.

Here’s what the athletes get at my camps:

  • Tried and true information which when applied will guarantee they reach their goals
  • Challenging and smart training sessions- OK, they are damn hard
  • Understanding how to really use power, pacing, HR and more in training AND racing
  • Real applicable strategies for fueling and recovery
  • Answers to any all endurance related questions

I might throw them a water bottle or two as well. Bottom line is if you want to push yourself the right way, learn an immense amount about how to get the most out of your mind and body for the demands of racing then come train with me at a camp. I won’t give you a swim cap but I will give you the tools to swim very very very fast.

I have only four slots left at my Central Florida triathlon camp and open slots for the rest of my camps. Read more and sign up here: http://bodyzen.com/bz-camps/

-Coach Lee


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